Friday, May 15, 2009

Hexie Land

Despite my (best-laid) plan to only work on hexies on the week-ends, and devote most of my quilting time to DD's quilt blocks, I've been so seduced by the hexagons that that's about all I've accomplished lately... hexies and a bit of knitting.

If you want to see my hexie progress, check it out here.

I did want to show you the wonderful little prize I received from Quilting Ranny - it came almost two weeks ago and I'm just now getting around to sharing. Thanks, Jean. The soap smells so divine! (I'm using the little zip-lock it came in to store my freezer-paper hexagon templates. They smell wonderful now, too!)

Beautiful Christmas ribbon and heavenly peach-scented soap.

The blocks for DD's quilt are all machine-pieced, while the hexagons are all hand-stitched. I'm enjoying the option of switching from one skill-set to the other.

Happy stitches to everyone! And have a delightful weekend.

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