Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes, I'm still here...

"Real Life" has impinged on my piecing/quilting/knitting time...I hate it when that happens! But, I've sure got a lot of house-stuff done. Cleaning, sorting, re-arranging, throwing-away, and giving away. And, you know how it "little" project begets several more projects, and on and on. It feels good to have accomplished some much-needed chores, but the result is that most of my "free" time lately has been spent knitting. It's so easy to just plop down in one's favorite chair and pick up the needles and yarn than it is to get the sewing machine out and clear off the ironing board - I have very little work space, so the ironing board doubles as a place-to-store-stuff.

Be sure to pop on over to to see her amazing give-aways. I am enchanted with all her giveaway packages.

A while back a good friend gave me a sack of her scraps - her colorways are in the yellows-oranges-reds and browns - while mine are mostly the pinks-purples-blues and lavenders. Just what I needed to "warm-up" my quilting projects. What fun I had ironing her scraps and cutting strips for my Goose in the Pond blocks and hexies for my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top.

Today I've used that elusive free time to work on GITP. See the results below...
Sorry about the date stamp. I'm an idiot!